TROY Brazilian Wax with Essential Oils

I love sharing organic and natural products with my clients when I find really special ones. Essential Oils are a big part of both my personal and business life, and my favorite brand of Pure Essential Oils is Jade Bloom. I use Jade Bloom’s lavender along with an organic grapeseed oil for a pre wax cleanse and barrier, and also as a post wax soothing agent. Lavender is great for calming down irritated skin and smells wonderful as well.

Meet Jade Bloom Essential Oils

I wanted to share this video interview with the founder, Adam Wilkinson, and support a family owned small business. Check out his journey into the oils, how they ensure the purity of their oils and their philosophy of educating their clients on proper usage.

If you’d to try Jade Bloom Essential Oils please use this link and let us know your thoughts. They also have an educational program called Jade Bloom University which gives you tons of information about the oils and how to use them.

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