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Brazilian Wax Ingrown Hair Prevention


Don’t let those stubborn ingrown hairs ruin your plans for this summer. With the just the right steps you can prevent them. Stopping ingrown hairs, bumps, and inflammations is anchored on two key things- cleaning and moisturizing properly. With emphasis on “properly”, you can enjoy that supple, clear, and bump-free skin you’ve always craved after a good LA Brazilian waxing session.

So today, we’ll let you in right away to see our easy secret tips to stop them. 

Number One: Exfoliate Properly

Dirt and dead cells hinder new hairs from sprouting out through the follicle. This is why you should exfoliate properly to get rid of them especially after waxing. Exfoliating needs to be done the right way, else, it will only end up worsening the condition. Do not exfoliate within the first 24 hours after a Brazilian waxing session; this allows the skin just enough time to heal up. But since it’s extremely important that the skin stays clean during this time, it’s advisable to use clean wipes with natural cleaning agents like aloe to clear the skin and pores. This keeps the pores clean without bruising the skin. Exfoliating with strong exfoliators will be too harsh on the skin and may further irritate it, go for mild exfoliators. It’s bad practice to exfoliate too many times. This will strip the skin of its natural oil leaving it dry and flaky which isn’t good for the skin either. Twice daily is just good enough. 

Number Two: Keep the Skin Moisturized

If you want a baby soft and supple skin to flaunt at the beaches, then moisturize it properly. This does not only soften the skin but also softens the hairs making them less likely to break. Using the right moisturizer is as important as moisturizing the skin itself. The best types of moisturizers act as a humectant that keeps the moisture locked in long enough. They must not be heavy either. Heavy moisturizers are most likely to clog the skin pores or attract dirt hence, further sponsoring the development of bumps and inflammations. You could step up the game by getting a moisturizer that not only moisturizes but also inhibits the growth of hairs. 

Number Three: Don’t Pinch or Scrape!

No matter how strong the temptation to scratch or pluck at the ingrown hairs may be- don’t! Doing so will only worsen the condition and cause redness and inflammation. More so, pinching could leave scars behind- the last thing you want right now! Rather than scratch, apply a soothing lotion or cream with active antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This will help calm the itching and make you feel more comfortable; but, steer clear from products with retinoid, soy, sulphates, glycerine, and parabens during this time. To know which products have potent soothing properties, go for the ones which contain a good amount of aloe, tea tree oil or calendula. They can soothe out inflammations and redness.. Most of these ingredients also boost skin healing and make the unease you feel during the first period after your brazilian wax go away.

This should work just fine for you, but if it doesn’t, then you’ve got to visit an aesthetician for an extra professional assessment. come see us at Greenleaf Waxing Studio in Troy, Michigan for you summer brazilian waxing appointment. 248.602.3339