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What is a Brazilian Wax and the Benefits of Waxing?

What is a Brazilian Wax and the Benefits of Waxing

Ever envied anyone with smooth and luscious bare skin and wished you had the same?  A Brazilian wax is the next best thing in beauty regimen; it’s totally awesome. It’s even better when a gentle organic wax is used, like we do here at Greenleaf Waxing Studio in Metro Detroit. It’s simply the best non-permanent way of neatly removing the hairs from bikini area to your bottom leaving that silk-smooth bare skin you’ve always craved. Plus your skin stays that smooth for up to 4-6 weeks!

Well, the thought of enduring the pains might sound frightening for first-timers; but the truth is that it isn’t that scary at all. Besides, when compared with the incredible benefits, most people admit it’s always worth it. And oh! Talking about benefits… here are six great benefits of Brazilian waxing among other fantastic ones. 

Benefits of a Brazilian Wax

  1. Better Hair

Granted, it’s truly not a permanent hair-removal, but the new hairs grow thinner, scanter, and of course, finer since this method removes the hairs right from the roots. That’s something you should be sure regular razor shaves cannot guarantee. 

  1. Healthier You

Brazilian waxing zeros the risks of getting cuts, while removing dead skin cells at the same time. It’s hygienic and makes your skin clean and healthy. Now, that’s super cool. 

  1. Controlled Hair Growth

Since this treatment doesn’t just trim the hairs but removes them from the roots, it takes a longer time to grow back and when they do, they grow in lesser numbers. 

  1. Comfort

No razor rashes, no razor bumps, it’s all neat -that’s how a good LA Brazilian waxing session leaves you feeling. It doesn’t even itch. The treatment comes with minimal irritations which diminishes with each successive waxing.  

  1. Neater for Longer

Brazilian waxing lasts up to 4-6 weeks long depending on your hair type. But even when the hair starts to grow back in, its nothing like the stubble you get after shaving. Its a nice smooth slow growth where not all the hair comes back at once.

  1. Never Smoother

No other temporal hair removal option clears as smooth as this guy does. Other methods tend to leave a rough finish, but not Brazilian waxing. The smooth feeling you get gives you the confidence to show off your sexy waistline in whenever you hit the beach.

Bonus Facts

Before getting a Troy Brazilian wax, we would love to share some other useful tips you’ll find pretty helpful. First thing first, you will have to uncover everything from your waist down, which may make you feel a bit uncomfortable, but not to worry; we’ve seen it all before. There’s nothing to be shy about. And if you are shy, we will be understanding of that. Next, the hairs need to be at least quarter of an inch long. It’s advisable to wax regularly for a year at least. This will lessen the pain and discomfort. Also, your waxer should start with a strip of wax around your thigh to see how your skin reacts to be sure you’re not allergic to the wax or the method employed. 

So go ahead, treat yourself to the best organic Brazilian Wax in Metro Detroit and enjoy a smooth and gorgeous skin.

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