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Introducing New Organic Soy Wax for a Gentler Experience

We are excited to add a new Organic Soy based wax to our menu! This new organic wax is specially formulated for sensitive skin and will provide an unparalleled Brazilian wax experience. When it comes to waxing, all skin is sensitive skin and we treat it as such.

3 Reasons to Wax with Organic Wax:

  • Organic based soy wax is gentler on skin – You will be less likely to experience ingrown hairs and less pain.
  • Free of added chemicals and fragrances – No one wants extra chemicals or substance on their skin and we believe you should have a clean and holistic experience.
  • Removes all hair from the root – The finest of hairs, even baby fine vellus hair, can be stubborn sometimes. This organic soy wax ensures there’s no trace hair left.

If you are looking to have your first Brazilian wax, or even if you are a regular, you can’t go wrong with our organic wax. It will make for a positive¬†experience. Give Troy Michigan based Greenleaf Waxing Studio a ctext today and book your appointment at 248.602.3339