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Brazilian Wax – The Hard vs Soft Wax Debate

Ah, the age old debate: Which is better for Brazilian Waxing, hard or soft wax? Depending on who you talk to, you may get some very different answers. Here at Greenleaf Waxing Studio, we use a premium italian soft wax that contains azulene (a natural anti-inflammatory). I have worked with many different types of wax, hard and soft, and in my opinion, this one is far superior to the rest. Not only is it designed for sensitive skin, it works well for coarse hair too! I’ve done thousands of Brazilians with this wax and it has proven itself over and over again.

Hard wax often doesn’t pick up those tiny vellus hairs (commonly called “baby hair”) like soft wax does. And because soft wax also acts as a gentle exfoliator, the skin is left extra smooth. Furthermore, we apply our Handmade Organic Precleanse Oil before applying the wax. This leaves your skin extra soft and supple and acts as a protective layer between your skin and the wax, minimizing the pain that some people associate with soft wax. Hard wax can be even more painful than soft wax because it’s often applied and removed unskillfully (causing hair to break off and potentially recoil underneath the skins surface, triggering ingrown hairs) or excessive flicking of the hardened wax (causing much pain and discomfort during a Brazilian Wax).

We found a great article on Free Press Release.com that further details the difference between hard and soft wax for your next Brazilian Wax. Click the quote below to read the article:

“The companies that produce hard wax have sold the Esthetics industry as well as the general public on the benefits of hard wax through their claims to be “more gentle” on the skin and as effective in hair removal. We beg to differ”

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