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Brazilian Wax Essential Body Oil

We have some exciting holiday news here at Greenleaf Waxing Studio!

We are thrilled to introduce the first product in our upcoming line of Handcrafted Skincare Products and Perfume Oils. Our Lavender Body Oil! Using all organic therapeutic grade essential oils, our products are aimed at targeting specific skin care concerns without any damaging synthetic compounds or contaminates.

Our Lavender Body Oil is perfect for all skin types and leaves a subtle but soothing scent after waxing. Use after showering while skin is still wet for ridiculously smooth skin or drop some into a hot bath and relax while the scent of lavender washes over you. Not only does it help ease stress and anxiety, it calms the skin and can help with numerous skin conditions such as eczema or minor skin burns and irritations. After waxing this oil will help to soothe and smooth the bikini line as well.

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