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Preparing for your first Brazilian wax

Wondering how to prepare for your first brazilian wax? It’s simple. There’s really only a couple steps needed.

  • Number 1 is having enough hair growth. Yes, it’s tough to grow that hair out the first time but you’ll see with each waxing it will become easier. You need to go razor free for 1.5 to 2 weeks before coming in for your first organic brazilian waxing.
  • A light exfoliation the night before helps to loosen any dead skin cells making the process a little easier for you.
  • Breathe! Did you know a lot of people tend to hold their breath during the process which actually constricts the follicle muscle around the hair? So utilize all those yoga classes and take some deep breaths throughout the service. Before you know it you’ll be hair free and on your way!

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