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Summer Skin in and Brazilian Waxing Tips

We know how much you love a fresh brazilian wax. We also know that sometimes those pesky ingrown hairs can leave you less than excited when your hair starts to grow back. Did you know that exfoliation is the key to preventing those ingrown hairs after a brazilian wax? Metro Detroit is known for it’s hot summers and perspiration and the bacteria that’s present can cause skin irritation as well. Thats why it’s important to develop a daily exfoliation routine once you start waxing. We carry a couple products to help your bikini waxed skin stay smooth and clear.

  • Ayate Exfoliating Cloth- Hand down my favorite beauty discovery in quite some time. These tough little cloths exfoliate like no other. I even use them on those rough patches of skin around my elbows and upper arms.
  • PFB Chromabright- This product targets more stubborn ingrown problems that haven’t been fixed by the exfoliating cloths. Containing glycol acid, fruit enzymes help to eat away at dead skin cells leaving skin exfoliated. And bonus, Chromabright helps to lighten pigmentation marks left behind from previous ingrowns

Come see the difference our organic soy based wax and natural products make! Book your Brazilian Bikini Wax today. We are conveniently located in Troy, Michigan. Text for appointments 248.602.3339