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The Benefits of Organic Soft Wax Brazilian Waxing

Lately we’ve been asked about the differences between hard and soft wax so we’d like to take a minute and list some of the benefits of our organic soy based soft wax. We feel it is simply the best wax for the brazilian bikini area.

  • Organic soft soy wax is formulated for sensitive skin, so it’s very gentle
  • Soft wax is great for course stubborn hair and also gets all those little vellus baby hairs
  • Soft wax ensures that all hair is removed from the root, which means less ingrown hairs and softer regrowth
  • Soft wax exfoliates the top dead layer of skin, which helps to move new skin cells up to the surface.
  • Soft wax services can be done quickly, which means less time on the table!

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